Video Collaboratory : Part 1

Video Collaboratory is a project which I was on during my research assistantship at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte along with Dr. Celine Latulip. The purpose of this project was to build an application to study interaction amongst group of students while viewing or studying video documents. This application allows students to add comments on particular time frames of videos.
Initially, I created a prototype of the application with all the required functionalities. You can take a view of the prototype in the video :

Once the professor logs inside the application, he can view his current videos and previous videos. Once professor enters a particular video's section, he can view all the time stamps along with the comments added by respective students. These comments will be student's doubts and discussion they had while viewing the video. Each group of students is assigned a different color code which is to be followed. Color coding makes it easier to observe the frequency of interaction.

Professors can filter students according to categories of "Critical Comment", "Group A", "Group B" and "Show All" by using the dropdown. Results can also be filtered according to date, order and timeline. Priority comments will be indicated with an alert sign, which makes it easy for the viewer to notice the priority comments.
Uploading of videos is quite flexible as it can be done using dropbox, local machine or drive. This application enables group guided viewing and increases visibility of interaction amongst students.

Video Collaboratory : Part 1
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