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Learning React

Ever admired the user interface of Instagram? It uses React, an open source JavaScript framework for rendering views. There are many more applications like Netflix and DropBox that are using React completely.
If you are curious and want to identify more day today applications using React, download the chrome extension React Developer Tools. It detects React and displays on your address bar.
So, today I'll give you a small introduction on React and reasons on using it in your next big application

Though Angular is one of the big players in the game, React has done a good job proving itself!
Some of the key differences between them is that Angular uses MVC(MV-VM) framework along with a blend of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build components. But React handles only the 'View' part of MVC and uses JSX to render views, which is HTML and JavaScript living in the same file.
React uses component based architecture, which means they have combined the logic and view of the application. This has given us entire control over rendering components.

It is just the beginning and a quick over-view!
I think it is definitely a game-changer and will definitely help your application stand-out from the rest.

As a part of my learning, I have been implementing a ToDo list using React. It helps me to keep a track of things that I need to complete
A small demo of my ToDo List:

I will be adding more features to my check-list to make it more customized. You can fork my GitHub repo of ToDoList Application and play with it to get a good hands on experience! Also view the running application on firebase

There are many resources online to learn React, like Free Code Camp, which I really liked personally along with many tutorials by React developers on YouTube for building the application. I would suggest on exploring and building your own projects with the help of all the resources on the web!

Always start small and keep building step by step with proper understanding, it will help you in achieving your ultimate goal in the end

Learning React
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