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Firebase : A Real Time Data

Firebase is a google platform for building server less application.
While working on my e-commerce application, I thought, according to primitive methods it is needed to store data on a server and perform operations on it using server side programming. But I was amazed by what Firebase allows us, is to make real time changes to data by storing it on cloud.
Is authentication an issue, in a case where users can make real time changes to data? Absolutely not! :)
Firebase offers us with google login authentication service which allows us provide specific access to admins and normal users.
One should definitely explore Firebase and integrate it with as many applications due to its vast features!

View my Timesheet application designed in AngularJS for keeping a record of employee data. It is deployed on firebase.

Steps to deploying your application on Firebase :

Step 1 : Installing Firebase using terminal
Run the command : sudo npm i firebase -- tools
This will install firebase globally on your machine.

Step 2 : Login to firebase console
Before using terminal, login to your firebase account
Run the command : firebase login

Step 3 : Initializing firebase
Run the command : firebase init

Step 4 : Selecting features
Now you need to select features you need to setup for your application
Select 'hosting', since we are hosting our application

Step 5 : Modify firebase.json
Open firebase.json file and create an object called 'hosting'.
Add a property called 'dist'. It is name of the folder which
stores the complied application

Step 6 : Build your application
Run the command : ng build -- prod

Step 7 : Deploy your applciation
Run the command : firebase deploy
This will generate your link to the applciation!

Firebase : A Real Time Data
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